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BAC Helps Individuals With Disabilities!

OUR MISSION – To maximize functionality of all individuals regardless of age or ability.

OUR VISIONTo provide opportunities for people with disabilities of all ages, by bridging the gap between funding and services.

ABOUT US – Our organization was founded by parents of children with physical disabilities, working with physiotherapists assisting them in their journey. Founded in 2005, we became a registered charity in 2010 and worked with families and agencies across southern Ontario to improve daily living experiences for people in similar circumstances. Our central belief is that people with disabilities must be respected and given equal opportunity in every domain in life.

Our Board of Directors consists of people who are experienced with physical disability, and therefore we are very conversant with the needs and desires of this specialized area.  Our volunteers show their commitment to helping all members of our community participate to the fullest extent they can.  And our sponsors put their resources on the table for us to demonstrate their belief in our cause.

Physical disability impacts mobility, home environment, financial well-being, and social interaction in ways that society cannot always effectively address; the people behind BAC have direct experience in these arenas, and we want to assist the community in acquiring and financing the resources necessary to facilitate a better quality of life and maximize the ability of those with physical disabilities to reach their full potential in their lives and in society as a whole.

BAC has a history of providing therapeutic and recreational activities for individuals with physical disabilities, such as horseback riding, martial arts, swim programs, physiotherapy – suit therapy, visual arts, and similar activities to build the physical strength of our members; we supplemented such programs with workshops, respite referral, matching funding to needs, and assisting our members in making connections with the appropriate agencies.  In the new, post-COVID world, we are now focusing primarily on raising money to assist families and individuals needing financial help, and facilitating social and leisure opportunities for the community we service. By concentrating our resources on funding, workshops, and networking between families and agencies, we want to build a better world that all can enjoy, regardless of their ability.

In support of this, we will continue to do fundraising events such as music concerts, golf tournaments, euchre tournaments, and other such community activities, as well as pursue corporate charitable contributions.

OUR GOALTo build an integrated, multifunctional centre for individuals of all ages with disabilities, primarily for those with a physical disability.

Interested in any of the following?
Committee Membership
Event Assistants
Office Administration
Plus More…

For information regarding Volunteer Positions or Community / Placement Hours, please call our office.

Council & Advisory Committee Volunteer Positions
  1. Chair
  2. Vice Chair
  3. Administration
  4. Finance
  5. Fundraising
    1. Golf Tournament
  6. Community Services
  7. Parent Resources
    1. Youth Resources
    2. Adult Resources
    3. Seniors Resources
  8. Communications
  9. Public Education
  10. Volunteer Resources
  11. Corporate Chair
  12. Club Affiliate
  13. Club Liaison
  14. IT & Web Design
  15. Telemarketing
  16. Promotions
  17. Programs & Services
  18. Workshops/Seminars

For information regarding Volunteer Positions, or Community / Placement Hours, please call our office.

 Print Flyer:  Volunteer Flyer

Become a volunteer with the possibility of future employment.

Tel:  905-478-2888    Email: BeyondAbilities@start.ca

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